watching wendy williams I like the show for the most part, but it is over the top. she found herself a catchy little song, score. and of course the how u doin?, LOVE IT. the boobs, the boobs, the boobs: its too much. God bless and to each his own. I never caught her on the radio, but once i got a computer........exactly one year and ten months ago..... i eventually stumbled upon (looked up) her gossip and sites. u can't stunt on a woman doing her and getting pizaid.

{i believe in how u doin? with a droopy lip and a crazy eye}

still don't know how to use all aspects of the computer and its programs how pathetic

wendys guest is roseanne. i've always looked up to that broad and a broad she is; ballsy, funny, outspoken, loud. she had a great tv show too and i want to be an actress. shes always been herself, even when things got messy. Roseanne brought working and low income people to light in her work, in interviews, and as an activist. you can't stunt on that either


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