I was blown away by the Michael Jackson footage from This Is It. Have you seen it? I hadn't even planned to go, but a friend invited me. At $6 a ticket, I figured, "Ok." I was a huge fan of his music, once upon a time. I assumed the tickets would be out of my budget. Why it was only running for two weeks? Don't rush me!

Anyways....I am so glad I went!! It's worth going just to see the set concepts. Talk about creativity, oh my. Some of the singing is done to pre-recorded tracks. But when he sings live, it's easy to remember how he became such a revered celebrity. His tone and melodies are so pure, his voice angelic and soothing.

I went to the film feeling down and out, drained of any creative ideas. I left feeling nourished and ready for the world, wanting to be a better artist and human being. Michael Joseph Jackson was one of a kind, despite all the gossip and speculation. He was a true artist (sounds cliche, I know). He will be sorely missed.

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