Down and Out

Does anybody care when I get lonely. Where are friends when you feel like you're drowning in the sea of life. Will there ever be another to dry my tears. When will the confusion disappate. Often comfortable in my own skin, but never really fitting in. They say you are born alone and die alone. Lord, please don't let that be true. Approval. Hope. Love. Kindness. Friendship. Support. Respect. Family. Getting out of my head and my thoughts would be great, if I could actually make that happen. Strong and solid on the outside. My soul is fluid. I can be tough, but would rather be well received. I am never enough. I am never enough for my loved ones. I am never enough for the voices in my head. The mirror lies and so does the devil. Potential flies out of the window. I disappoint. If the sun is not shining, there is no way the day can be great. Without a boyfriend I am secretly lost. Lost, waiting to be found. Pissed. Lonely. Less than, when I was once a work of art.
I'm out.

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