Are there any people out there with integrity? Treat me how I treat you. It seems simple to me.

A good friend from high school, who was once like a sister, pulled some _-*%. I told her I was thinking of doing business with a guy I had feelings for in high school. She knew him and the entire situation. He was never my boyfriend, but we had a short lived "thing" (no sex). I always thought he was much more mature and experienced, which made my shy away from taking things further. All of my friends knew and know how I felt. There is that friend code, right?

She told me she had to admit that she had a crush on him, back in the day. I was a little surprised, but found it funny. I was aware that they had become "friends" on Facebook. The next day I mentioned she should come along when I met up with him. Silence. A deep breathe. Sigh. "I have something to tell you that I should have a long time ago. I always had a crush on him...we talked on Facebook and he was paying me compliments. I gave him my number, but told him I didn't feel right because you're my friend. He said it shouldn't be a big deal, that it was long ago." I held the phone in disbelief.

"He said things I have never heard in my life. He built me up and made me feel beautiful and special again. I wanted to tell you...but I was scared. I knew it wasn't right, but I started to fall in love with him. I really did." My mouth was agape: in a state of disbelief. It is soooo not the fact that she hooked up with him, but the fact that I was the last to know :( No. No. No. At some point you couldn't find it within your heart or right mind to tell me what was up? Write a damn note, expletive!!

We met face to face, which is huge for me. I prefer to cut things off. Peace out. I will burn a bridge. The crazy story goes; they talked for two weeks (and she thought she was in love), they only kissed (yea right), and he came over once (uh huh). The things people do!!! I truly think that while I may have been a little put off had she told me right away, I would have given her my blessing and said, "Go for it!" It's the lack of total disregard and deceit that bothers me.

After those two weeks, he took a trip out of town. He called her and emailed stating the woman he was staying with was just a free place to stay. He left his tab open. The hostess emails my friend saying that she's been seeing him and that he said he only planned to use her (my friend) for money. See? My friend was "devastated, hurt, and pissed." "He's a jerk, I can't believe he lied to me and I am soooooo sorry I didn't tell you. I knew better." Huh? You no speakee english.

I have seen her once since then. Although I was stunned by this information, my biggest emotion was pity (after an hour and talking to my bff). I decided to pity the fool. You fall in love with my old flame, in two weeks, and you get burned. She knows that I would never do such a thing, never. I am not a huge fan of leftovers.

A wise woman once said to believe people when they show you who they are. I did think of cutting her off, but I feel sorry for her. She's still the same girl from high school, seeking validation and her livelihood through men and relationships. I never forget, but I am trying to forgive. Luv ya girl - an arms length away.


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