A lot of people become famous, or shall I say seek fame, in search of love. Love means that people accept and praise you, just as you are. I have always wanted to be famous. This is the first time I am admitting it, outside of talks with the (former) bestie. Everyone in the world knowing your name has got to feel warm and fuzzy, right? That is, until they tear you down. The admirers become critics and then enemies. Envy is a beast.

My name in lights...appearing on Broadway....more money than I could ever spend. As I think about Tiger Woods and the situation he's in, my own secrets come to mind: things I would rather hide. There comes that time. Sooner or later, after years of adulation and people hanging on your every word, they start to hate you. In America a celebrity has as much clout and perceived knowledge as a doctor, lawyer, or clergyman. Yet, sooner or later you will be picked apart .

I'm rethinking my big bright future. I don't deal well with criticism. I really prefer for people to like me, I care what people think, it's pathetic. I would cower and cringe under the eye of public scrutiny. If I could work with Will Smith or Simon Baker it may be worth it. I'd need lots of dough and the love of the other 3/4 of the world, however. Then I'd take it.

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