So life hurts sometimes. So, sometimes you get kicked in the face. Such is life. It's cruel, confusing, and combative. Ahhh, well. You have to pick yourself up, dust off, and keep moving. Most times others will walk over you rather than lend a hand. Stand strong and do for self. No one else will. I am thankful for each day and every breath. I am thankful to the Universe and our Father, daily. Thank You. I cannot thank you, however. You have had way too many chances to prove your love and your true self. Your time is up. You suck. You suck the life out of me and any positive energy out of every room. It was fun knowing you. We made a lot of memories and spent a lot of time. That time has now come to an end. I know you will never forget me. Soon you will long for me and what used to be. Cling to the thoughts, but don't ever call me. Now I see clearly. I tried. We died. I grew, you didn't. I waited, but the good things about you faded. Goodbye old friend.

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