Mommy Dearest

Please tell me that it's ok to despise one's own mother. No one wants to feel that way or for it to come down to that. We try and try to please the one who gave us life. I have found it is often to no avail. I am exhausted and over it. There is no pleasing some people, period. Life is too short to try and make something work that forever feels impossible. So you gave me life, and what? Do you feel that it gives you the right to say anything and constantly point out my flaws? Even as you steadfastly deny having any of your own. My mother is a piece of blank, blank, blankety work. I have tried to let voice mail get her calls, I have asked her to leave me the hell alone, and I have resorted to acting as evil as she is, coming down to her level. It's an awful feeling when the one who is supposed to be in your corner and your biggest supporter knows how to push your buttons and seemingly waits to do so. Geesh!! Just leave me alone lady and back the hell up.

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