A Wash

Just washed my face for the second time in six days. I ended up in the ER and it's been slow moving since then. One doctor refers me to another and I take tests. They don't give out any answers. There is pain and pain pills involved. I've been happier...

Yes. Yes. Yes. I have smoked. I have used it as a stress reliever, time passer, and as a good ol' standby. I have thought and researched and prayed and forced positive thoughts, repeated mantra's and reached out for sympathy. And smoked, a lot. I smile....

I'm not ready to handle any of this hog wash. I don't wanna grow up. I don't want any addictions. I don't want a job, bills, or responsibilities. I want my youth and perfect health. If I could go back to being a kid I would! I'd do it all over again.

Where's my lighter?

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