Life has been gently cornering me, forcing me to take a good look at myself and my actions. It is time for major change. I've become lazy and semi-depressed. I believe in listening to the voice of the Universe, which speaks to us all the time. I hear You. Every little nuisance is a time to learn and grow, not just get pissed or blow off steam. When you point your finger at the other guy, so clearly in the wrong, you must take a good look at yourself, your actions and choices as well. I'm cleaning the clutter out of my apartment, trying to settle debts, writing some poetry, and avoiding (most) toxic situations.

I am still single. Unbelievable. I've set a record. I think I've been walking around with the weight of the world on my shoulders and that it has shown. There aren't always a ton of good things to say about guys, but there are decent vibe readers. They pick up on where a chicks head is at. I will give them that. I'm really over being on my own at this point. Enough. The time has come to let my guard down, live a little, and love a little. Where the heck do ya go to meet a decent guy these days? I have no clue.

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